Technical Support

Our highly-trained call center agents can provide the technical support your customers need.

Technical support means service


Outsourcing your tech support doesn’t mean cutting back on service. Outsourcing does mean cutting back on costs, but the quality of service often improves too.

Your customers can reach us from anywhere in the world, 24/7/365. We’ll work with them through:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Text
  • Live Chat

Technical support or technical sales?

You can have both. Customer satisfaction means repeat sales, up sales and cross-sales, not to mention long term customer loyalty.

Technical support can be as simple as answering questions, to as complex as troubleshooting network problems. All calls for support, for both big issues and small details, are important to the retention of your customer base.

The outsourcing definition does not simply mean to hire a subcontractor. Using a business process outsourcing (bpo) company means letting us find ways to do the work better, more efficiently and at lower cost.

No problem is too big or too small

Here is a sample of calls we receive for technical support every day:

  • Password resets
  • Troubleshooting software issues
  • Connectivity issues
  • Installation problems with equipment
  • Printer and FAX issues
  • Dispatching technicians

In many instances, our in-house business process analysis staff will find ways to deliver higher quality tech support, and provide faster service, than the client thought possible.

Beginning-to-end solutions

Remote desktop software, and the other technical methods we use to work with your customers, are cutting edge for ease of use.

PC set up and customization, operating system support, virus and malware removal, and network help are a sample of other types of calls we receive. Printer and FAX set up and support, IM platforms and more, we can handle it easily and efficiently.

Not all problems require an expensive solutions

Not all calls require the attention of the most skilled or expensive technical agents. We sort calls by the type of help the customer needs, and then route the calls through the least expensive channels. That lowers costs and reduces the time your customers spend getting help. The result is happier customers.

Virtual security services we offer

  • PC security
  • Laptop security
  • Notebook security
  • Virtual network security

Across all equipment types, we can:

  • Implement security tools
  • Install firewalls or delete duplicate firewalls that slow computers
  • Set up protection against adware, pop-ups, phishing, virus, and malware threats

Network help

We also fix problems with slow data transfer, inefficient connectivity choices, lost connections, loss of important records and router configurations.

Connect with your customers

Cultural similarity and language skills are just as important as technical knowledge. People buy from people with whom they can easily communicate. If you are not getting repeat sales from your customers, they might be having problems communicating with your technical support staff.

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