Lead Generation

Grow your business with Confie lead generation

Expand your market reach

Confie can empower you to reach a wider market than you can by yourself. For both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) sales, we’ll find prospects and convert them to leads.

There are many outsourcing companies that promise to reduce your costs, but Confie can also help you grow your business. That’s the difference.

Let us do the hard work for you

You don’t have to commit to total sales outsourcing to hire Confie, even though we are skilled in sales. We can take over the hard, expensive, time consuming part of the sales cycle for you – finding good leads. Clients hire us to find leads for:

  • New sales
  • Upselling and cross-selling existing customers
  • Building brand awareness
  • List building
  • Market research for new product ideas

We find the leads for you by using several methods, including:

  • Tele-prospecting
  • Customer surveys
  • Existing or ageing lead nurturing
  • Opinion polls
  • Online advertising
  • And more.

Focus on closing sales instead of searching for leads

Employing a sales force is very expensive, yet many companies use their salesforce’s time to scour out leads. It’s monotonous work too. Endless hours of prospecting every week is many a salesperson’s lot in life. But that is old-fashioned methodology, and it is the most expensive way to find leads.

We can do the lead generation more economically than you can, and just as importantly, qualify and identify them as warm leads or hot leads. That lets your salesforce spend more of their valuable time working leads, not finding leads. So, they close more sales. That is one of the advantages of outsourcing.

And we like doing it. Our experts are highly trained, so they:

  • Can reach the real decision makers
  • Can present your products, their features and benefits
  • Can engage people in worthwhile conversation
  • Can convert prospects into warm leads and hot leads

Instant bottom line impact

Proven systems are better than merely increasing activity. Business process improvement, that’s the new methodology that businesses compete with in today’s global market, and that’s where Confie can help.

We know that converting leads into sales has a higher rate of success than cold calling does. That’s because lead-generation has been studied extensively and is now a sophisticated part of outsourcing work. It’s no longer just ‘telemarketing,’ but has become its own profession.

Additional methods of generating quality leads

We have other ways to generate leads for you, including:

  • Scouring your customer data base
  • Mining your lost-customer list for potential sales
  • Doing generic internet searches
  • Responding to online and print advertisements
  • Purchasing lists of potential prospects to call

Confie can work with you or for you

Do you have a temporary project, or instead need a permanent addition to your sales force? Perhaps you need a total lead generation partner. Whatever the need, we will work with you in the best ways possible.

Pinpoint accuracy - aim your marketing efforts directly at the target

We give you the ability to target the geographical areas (demographics) or market segments (psychographics) that are the most profitable for your business.

Compliance issues? no problem

We stay current on the latest compliance regulations, especially with insurance, financial services and marketing to seniors.

Nearshore, not offshore outsourcing

Confie is close enough to be easily managed by you, if you need close-proximity, ‘hands on’ capability. If not, we are still close enough to visit for training, research and project development. Easy travel at low cost. It all serves your vision.

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