Facility and Procurement

Save time and money on facility management efforts by outsourcing with Confie BPO.

Why outsource facility and procurement?

The job of keeping your buildings up and running can be a wearisome task. The time-consuming work distracts your people from your core business.

In addition, your people need all their normal work supplies. The bigger your company is, the more difficult it will be to handle that unwieldy supply process, and the building maintenance, efficiently and economically. That’s because the following inescapable issues get in the way.

The real value of business process management

So, what is a business process? How can you get it done better, faster, more economically?

The business process definition is to adopt a ‘big picture’ look at everything it takes to get a collection of interdependent tasks done. Managing that process means finding ways to do that collection of tasks more efficiently and at greater savings than you can do it in-house. Why so?

Because the job of maintaining your facilities and supplying your people is not handled by one person. Many people, and even many departments in some companies, have a hand in it. As a company grows, that work gets dispersed into the fabric of the organization.

The result is duplicated effort, overlapping expenditures, wasted time and unnecessary steps in the process. Since nobody sees every part of the business process, those inefficiencies exist. Long ago that was an accepted business practice.

Hurdles to productivity and lowered expenses

  • It’s cumbersome work. The nature of coordinating the distribution of supplies and materials to your people is a challenge. Everything must be supplied in just the right amount, at just the right time. Anything else and you are wasting money.
  • Likewise, many vendor services must be secured for all your employees’ needs. A timely, low cost way of doing that would really matter.
  • Facility service requests and repair calls are difficult to dispatch efficiently. Think of all the mechanical and electronic systems that any building has. Even worse, some of those systems interact with each other. From plumbing to air conditioning to electrical service to digital security devices, in many ways they interconnect. Therefore, service requests must be contracted right, and right on time.
  • Even ordinary water delivery services can be a source of wasted money.
  • Something as simple as the inventory of supplies can eat up working capital and bloat your accounts payable. What are your optimal inventory levels for all those things? You might purchase hundreds of different items that get used daily. From staples to light bulbs, from floor mats to office furniture, every business spends a lot on expendables and fixtures.

Global outsourcing alone is not the answer

Sure, you can buy many things from around the world. Item by item. But then the number of vendors will grow exponentially, along with the cost of dealing with them. Which vendors have multi-line or package discounts that you are not aware of? Those are unclaimed savings.

The pressure to be better

But as competition heats up in whatever market you sell in, pressure grows on your company to be leaner, and more agile, in its daily operations. That’s where we come in.

We will take over the process and:

  • Free your people to focus on your core business
  • Cut duplicated steps
  • Align your service providers better
  • Procure materials, supplies and services in ways that make sense when the entire process is viewed as one operation
  • Streamline facilities care, upkeep, repairs and management
  • Apply statistical analysis and logistics management techniques that will save you money

The world has changed - for the better

Yes, you manage your own supply chain today. And you already understand that our labor and personnel costs are much less expensive here, just a few miles across the border from San Diego. Those savings are easy to grasp.

But in today’s world, outsourcing goes beyond mere cost cutting. We look to make your vendor relationships a win-win scenario. That yields synergies. It’s what we do. It’s the true, modern, meaning of what bpo stands for. And some of the gains are possible because of the latest technology.

More benefits of nearshore outsourcing:

  • Lower capital expenditure. Save your working capital and apply it toward your core business.
  • Get the benefits of technology or resources you don’t have in-house.
  • Flexible. Downsize or expand at will.
  • Advances in tech, cloud technology
  • Robotic automation, where appropriate

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