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Save money and improve efficiency by outsourcing your direct response marketing efforts.

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It’s no secret. Direct response marketing brings in sales. But a common (planning) worry is how to staff for the number and pattern of incoming calls you will receive.

You might be overloaded with responses while the infomercial is in progress, or immediately thereafter. But other calls will come in sporadically and long after. Each call is important. Each incoming call cost you money.

But it is not economical to over-staff for the heavy call times, and then to under-staff for the slower times. You can still lose customers either way. Either they will wait too long for an agent to be available during peak times, or you might not even have an agent ‘on call’ for them during the slack times.

As you probably realize, trying to solve that problem with in-house staffing can be very cost prohibitive. Salaries, taxes, insurance, employee benefits, the cost of office space and work areas, the cost of training your agents (that’s big) and overhead; all those costs weigh the operation down.

Reasons to Outsource your Direct Response Marketing Efforts with Confie

What is bpo? Business process outsourcing means that you hire a company that can perform an operation (the business process) better, more economically, and more efficiently than you can in-house.

Better Because:

  • We specialize in that particular process. That’s our business.
  • Our people are highly trained in that type of work. They are ready to ‘hit the ground running’ for you.
  • We support our people with the latest, cutting edge software, platforms and equipment; the best technology.
  • We constantly train our agents and reward them with incentives for good work.

That leaves you free to concentrate on your core business, and on designing and selling your products or services. You do not tie up working capital, manpower, human capital, time and effort in the less-critical tasks of your business.

Outsourcing Can Help You Save Money

  • Labor rates nearshore (we’re just a few miles from San Diego) are low, in some cases as low as 50% of US pay rates.
  • Taxes are lower, and benefits cost less. Those savings are passed on to you.
  • Office space and facility work areas cost less. Again, you save.

And Operate More Efficiently...

  • We specialize in handling direct responses from the market.
  • With that specialization, we know things that would take you time to learn on your own. Time is costly.
  • We like doing this work, whereas it might be a sideline to you.
  • We’re flexible! Big or small, we can accommodate your business.
  • The more you grow, the more we can help. It’s easier for us to expand our capabilities than it would be for you to make major changes to your operation.

How it Works

You broadcast your products and services, on timeframes that connect you with the most prospects. Then:

We answer the phones.

We answer their emails.

We talk with them by live chat.

We respond to their text messages.

We engage with them on social media.

We answer postcards, respond to coupons, take website inquiries.

Or you can run print ad campaigns, and we will receive the customer inquiries, coupons and orders. Either way, it’s the same benefit – we can handle the responses better and less expensively than you can in house.

Other benefits of outsourcing

  • Less, or even none, HR department involvement.
  • Compliance? We stay on top of it, especially in the financial services industries, and in selling to seniors.
  • Time zone advantages. That’s big for US and Canadian markets. Compare our Pacific time zone to outsourcing to India.
  • We are bilingual and share many social similarities with your customers.

Capture the sales that ‘got away’

Suppose some people called but didn’t buy. That’s common. But that’s not the end of it. It cost you money to make that inquiry come in, and we treat it as such. We capture as much of the caller’s contact info as possible, and then stay in touch. Sooner or later, some of those missed sales will turn into customers.

Don’t Forget B2B (Business to Business) Sales

It’s just as easy to sell to businesses by strategic outsourcing. Let us share some ways you can expand your market reach to other businesses.

We’re Flexible!

Don’t let the size of your company keep you from exploring what you can gain by hiring Confie. Small, medium or large, we accommodate the workload.

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