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Confie provides low-cost, nearshore, tailored
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Customer Service Outsourcing from Confie BPO

Your customers should not mind calling you for help. Yet the term ‘customer service’ often has a negative connotation. Perhaps it’s because many companies treat customer service as an expense and don’t see it as a way to retain customers, increase customer loyalty, and even generate more sales.

Reducing your expenses is the approach some business process outsourcing (BPO) companies might take to handling your customer service. Not at Confie. We believe that if your customers have a pleasant experience on the phone when they call you, you will earn a lot of repeat business from them.

And suppose your customers received all the help they needed on the first call. Help from friendly, well-trained and easy-to-understand people. Yes, you can have all that. BPO services, like Confie’s customer service operations, means more than just hiring people to answer the phone for you. Much more.

Answering Your Customers’ Questions

Customers have questions – and we have answers. We learn your products and services, study them until we understand how they work, and then train our people in that knowledge.

Whether your customers need instructions on how to use your products and services, have complaints or concerns to voice, or simply want help deciding which product to buy from you, each person and every call is important.

We Gather Marketing Intelligence from your Customers

  • Our people can discuss, intelligently, your products with your customers. That’s another part of their training.
  • We are also good at documenting every call in detail. Why? Because you need that information. It lets you know what your customers are saying about you, what they want to buy next, and what they don’t want to buy. In the world of marketing intelligence, that’s all valuable information.
  • It’s actionable information too. The more you know, the better you can compete. There is much more to a BPO than merely cutting costs by using a nearshore outsourcing company.

The latest technology to serve you

Don’t be left behind in today’s business world that is on 24/7/365. Whether voice calls, chat, SMS (text) and email management, Confie BPO has all the tools you need.

Plus, you get the benefit of predictive dialer software, ACD and IVR. We also provide call recording capabilities, and much more.

Unique Problems Solved

Do you have a unique customer service problem that needs to be solved? We can tailor a solution to it.

Consider it ‘strategic outsourcing.’ Those special ‘leverage points’ are very important. If you can solve a complaint or answer a question, and do it on the first call, you will have much better chances of retaining your customers.

That’s right, we will take time to understand your business – before we answer the first call.

So, when it comes to getting the right people to give your customers the service they need, our proven training systems will go to work for you.

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