Customer Retention

Let Confie help you keep the customers you have so you can focus on growing your business.

How our customer retention outsourcing services work

New profits can appear in the most unlikely places when you take advantage of business outsourcing:

  • We can convince customers who want to cancel your service to remain your customers. It’s a great form of competition in the marketplace.
  • We can convince inactive customers to start buying from you again. It’s usually easier (and more economical) than finding new people to sell to.
  • We can convince your average customers to become loyal customers, to buy more from you, and to be immune to offers from your competitors. Our bpo call center can accomplish all those things for you. It is also likely that we can do it better, and more efficiently, than you can in-house.

Your customer base is the most valuable asset your company has. You spent a lot of money to acquire those customers. Therefore, it is easy to see why your customer base is worth defending against your competitors. Above all, the bpo meaning is not simply to cut costs, but to develop your business as well, including activities to retain your customers.

Business Process Management

There is a science and an art to customer retention. It is not a ‘hit or miss’ activity. Our proven and methodical systems of customer engagement will get results for you.

Consider - The Customer who cancels your service

It’s not always about price. Chances are your defecting customer does not really want the hassle of changing companies. We can dig into that for you and find the true reasons you lose customers. Then we can apply the correct solution, like in these scenarios:

  • The customer had a loss of income. In that case, do you have a lower-priced product or service we can offer them? It’s better to downsize a good customer than lose him or her. Then, we’ll contact them in the future and see if their income has improved, allowing them to return to their previous buying habits.
  • Is your customer going to a less-expensive competitor? They might have no ill feelings against you, but just want to get a better deal. Can we offer a match for that deal from you, and keep the customer in your loyal ranks? Matching your competitors’ temporary prices or special offers is a valid form of competition – and in the long run is usually very profitable – because you keep the customer.
  • Is the customer cancelling because they are unhappy? We can find out why. Maybe we can fix it for them. If not, we will make a good impression as they leave. Either way, you must know why customers leave you, so you can devise effective strategies to retain them.

Business Outsourcing services can work for you

We will have fresh ideas, from an outside view. That viewpoint enables us to think freely and come up with innovative solutions. Chances are we have already helped someone else solve a similar problem, and that is valuable knowledge that we can bring to the table.

The economies of outsourcing customer retention

You don’t have to waste time and energy solving problems that we can resolve faster and cheaper. It is what we do, and it’s our specialty.

We pay attention to the details

Our attention to detail is what we offer you. We can tailor a personalized and unique transaction for each customer, no matter where they are in their buying cycle. That is a great way to keep customers loyal and engaged. Technology helps us do that, and at a very low cost-per-contact.

Cultural issues matter

The closer to your market your bpo service provider is, the better. We are more attuned to your customers. There is no need to have outsourcing to India, on the other side of the world. Confie is a lot closer, just across your border.

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