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Let Confie BPO manage your company's insurance claims to save you time and money.

Why Outsourcing Insurance Claims Makes Sense

More and more leaders in the insurance industry are turning to outsourcing to improve the efficiency of their processes for administration of claims. The benefits that insurance claims management companies can avail of through outsourcing of insurance claims processing include the following:

  • Fraudulent claims management
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • High-quality customer service in spite of business volume fluctuation
  • Greater accuracy in settlement of claims
  • Reduction in operations cost

Confie BPO partners with leading insurers to deliver outsourcing services for processing of insurance claims and is a global provider of services in business process outsourcing. Insurers achieve dramatic improvements in processing of claims through greater accuracy in settlement of claims and reduction in costs when they partner with us. We help you maximize the value gained through outsourcing through our methodologies and tools, operational excellence focus and experience in the insurance industry.

Services We Offer

Below is a list of services we offer via our insurance BPO services:

Claims Intake

  • Series of business-specific data capture fields for first notice of loss
  • Incident report provided to all parties involved
  • Manage correspondence creation and tracking

Claims Case Management

  • Track claim payments to service providers and claimants
  • Authorization-based processing to ensure secure claim settlement
  • Reinsurance and coinsurance management

Claims Allocation

  • Manual and automatic claims allocation based on business rules
  • User-related task management with feedback
  • Workload management
  • Network partner tracking

Claims Document Management

  • Claim document to digital document repository conversion
  • Marking and digital signature features
  • Document number creation and allocate to link with claims
  • Mobile scanner and portal integration for agents

Risk Management

  • Effective fraud detection from the input data
  • Indications and alerts for fraud detection
  • Icons to draw attention to key events such as litigation, possible fraud, fatality, etc.
  • Risk escalation to assessors


  • Integrated policy and coverage verification
  • Fast track claim determination
  • Decision support process
  • Investigation and fraud detection features
  • Claim history review facilities


Benefits of Outsourcing Insurance Claims

Increased Customer Satisfaction
We ensure that our top-quality claims administration services help businesses enhance their customer satisfaction

Trained Insurance Agents
By outsourcing insurance claims processing services to us businesses can get access to our best, well-trained insurance specialists to handle all their requests

Streamlined Processes
We follow a streamlined insurance claims management process. Therefore, when an insured makes a claim, we verify the policyholder’s information and conduct a background check. In addition, we have procedures in place to do our part in preventing the processing of fraudulent claims.

Affordable Rates
We provide top-quality claims processing services at highly cost-effective rates, thereby helping insurance providers on cutting down on unnecessary overhead costs

Data Security
We ensure that all the information shared by the insurance companies will remain completely secure by strictly following data security policies

Best Infrastructure
We have access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, which allows us to deliver accurate results quickly

Quick Turnaround Time
We have a track record of providing the efficient insurance claims management services within a quick turnaround time without any compromise on the quality

Reasons to Choose Confie BPO for Your Insurance Claims Management Needs

Confie BPO understands the unpredictable and complex nature of the insurance industry. Therefore, we combine our highly-evolved claims processing software with skilled and efficient professionals to provide prompt and proficient claims processing services. Hence, partnering with us will help insurers maximize their customer loyalty. We exceed the quality standards for business ethics and offer world-class services.

Our industry-best infrastructure and domain expertise enable us to successfully assist clientele with all their insurance claims processing needs. Our services reduce overhead costs and help insurers retain their customers. This type of claims management is necessary to sustain the carrier’s book of business. Furthermore, outsourcing claims administration also leaves the carrier more time and resources to focus on business development and cater to other business needs.

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