Back Office Processing

Save money, improve efficiency, and free up office space by outsourcing your back office processing needs.

Outsourcing your back office processing

The term ‘back office’ dates back many decades. It was the part of a company’s building that held offices for workers who did not interact directly with customers. As the years evolved, large companies sought to reduce expenses by locating their back-office operations far from headquarters, typically in cities that offered lower rents and reduced labor costs.

Modern technology now makes it possible to save even more by moving back office functions to specialized vendors out-of-country. Of course, that is called outsourcing. In real time, though, the functions remain as close and near as the click of a mouse.

What is outsourcing in business?

There are many types of outsourcing. The outsourcing definition means to subcontract out any function that can be defined as a business process. The advantages of outsourcing are many, including:

  • Lower cost of labor, real estate, infrastructure, taxes and overhead
  • Access to a larger, more skilled pool of labor
  • Higher quality. Some bpo (business process outsourcing) companies are highly specialized and produce very high-quality work.
  • Reduced time delays in routine tasks
  • Increased efficiencies in transacting business
  • Greater attention to customers’ needs

Examples of back office processing functions

  • Data entry
  • Accounting
  • Payroll management
  • Help desk and customer service functions
  • Banking, credit card and payments processing
  • Invoicing, billing, accounts reconciliation
  • Data base building and enhancements
  • Market research, especially online research
  • Document and image conversion services
  • Transcription services
  • Image and document storage
  • And more

Temporary or permanent help

Do you have a big project on the horizon? Or do you want to add some extra help for your in-house staff, without hiring and equipping more people in your present locations? Either way, Confie will help you devise a solution that meets your needs efficiently and economically.

Benefits of working with CONFIE BPO

Open 24/7/365

Never close your business. We’ll take your customers’ calls, assist them in deciding what they want to buy, and then place their orders, day or night. Incoming sales outsourcing works great.

Customer service is the same way. It’s always open to provide help.


Are there seasonal demand swings in your business? That’s OK with us. We can supply or subtract staff as necessary. It’s easy, because we have multiple clients among which we allocate people.

Not Just for Big Businesses

Because of our structure, we can accommodate many medium and even small businesses. That gives them savings and advantages that were before only available to large companies.


Let’s dispel a myth about the disadvantages of outsourcing. Most of our agents have lived in the United States and have a neutral accent. But many of the jobs that our agents perform do not even require speaking to your customers by telephone. Non-voice customer help includes email, text and live chat conversations.

Security and Technology

Confie maintains strict data protection protocols for all our clients, even when the mix of data has varying degrees of sensitivity. We can use all the popular platforms, and if need be, we can advise you on which platform will work best for your business.

Data Mining

Find out what your customers think by seeing hidden trends in their buying history. Discover industry trends.

Data Cleansing

Database maintenance. Eliminate duplicate records, delete invalid files, and more.

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