Accounting and Collections

Reduce costs and increase efficiency by outsourcing your accounting and collections needs with Confie BPO.

Running an accounting and collections department in-house can be expensive

New profits for your business can show up in the least thought of places. Consider your accounting department. For an operation that deals in numbers, it is often a very inefficient and costly operation to run. Why is that?

Because accounting is both capital intensive and labor intensive. It requires a lot of people and a lot of financial capital, like for equipment and office space. Because of that, there isn’t much you can change (in a meaningful way) with an in-house accounting department to increase workflow efficiency or to reduce costs. Let’s see why that is true.

Reduced costs:

  • Office space and workspace is expensive on US soil. Add to that real estate taxes, facility maintenance and insurance, utilities, and other things like fire and security services, and you get the picture; a very expensive picture.
  • Facilities are more economical just across the border. (We’re just a few miles from San Diego – easy to reach). That’s one of the benefits of using a bpo services company like Confie.
  • Labor is much less costly where we operate.
  • Reduced labor costs are not the only payroll benefit. Add to that reduced taxes and a lowered cost of employee benefits.

Increased efficiency


  • We work for your company but are not an integral (entrenched) part of it. With that freedom we can remove all the wasteful steps that impede the flow of work. We can streamline the processes without disrupting long-standing traditions or procedures. Those improvements stem from our ongoing application of business process analysis.
  • Flexibility is a key benefit of offshore outsourcing. Is your business growing rapidly? No need to go to HR for permission to hire more people, or to the board for permission to build or rent more work space. We can simply hire more people here to handle your increased workflow.
  • That flexibility works very well for businesses that have seasonal swings in their demand for accounting services. If Confie is your bpo service provider, we can easily add or subtract manpower, typically be moving agents to or from other clients we have onboard.

Improve your cash flow by outsourcing business process services

Every company wants better cash flow management. We’ll keep a sharp eye on your collections and their timing. We’ll strive to reduce the time it takes to reconcile invoices to receivables to collections. After all, it’s your money.

Qualify for discounts, and avoid penalties, by precisely timing your payables

Can we speed the processes of reconciling invoices? Yes.

Can we precisely time your payments to vendors? Yes.

Can we negotiate vendor discounts for you? Yes.

Can we help you take advantage of potential savings, like free credits, or by using the most optimum number of payable days, and of course, taking regular discounts for paying on time (that’s big)? Yes.

Agility. All those things together can yield big savings.

Part or all of your accounting – whichever is best for you

  • Procure-to-Pay
  • Order-to-Cash Process
  • Collections and Receivables
  • General Accounting
  • Record-to-Report
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Special statements, projects and analysis on demand

Also Important:

We strictly adhere to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Data security is paramount.

Confidentiality is assured.

Regular communication? Of course. Special questions? No problem.

Bilingual. Multiple currencies handled.

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