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Confie’s expertise in migrating business processes enables us to offer a wide range of solutions that are designed according to your company’s needs and business goals.


People have questions. We have answers. We learn your products and/or services, study them until we understand how they work, and then train our people in that knowledge.

Customer Service

Expand your customer support operations with bilingual and bicultural contact center agents who provide an excellent customer experience and will ensure your customers’ needs are met on the first call.

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Inbound and Outbound Sales

Growth is key when it comes to the future of your company, and it starts with a strong sales team and a fantastic client onboarding experience. Our sales solutions will help you grow while ensuring that your customer’s experience will be unique.

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Customer Retention

“Close the back door” and increase customer loyalty through our Customer Retention programs. We will make sure that your customers not only stay with your product and/or service, but to give you valuable insights to improve the experience of future clients.

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Lead Generation

Confie will take charge of your hard-earned leads to qualify, nurture, quantify, and deliver ready-to-close sales opportunities with excellent return on investment.

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Technical Support

Things are getting too technical? Your customers are not tech savy? We can help you with any Level 1 and Level 2 Tech support activities, keeping a balance between educating your customers to increase self service and focusing on providing a fast and accurate solution for the issue.

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Facilities and Procurement

Are you scaling or just have too many offices, utility bills to track, lease renewals, procurement of office supplies, consolidation of accounts…. we know the list is long. We efficiently manage over 1,000 locations across the U.S. leveraging our extensive experience and technology.

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Payment Processing

Through an agent, an IVR or any channel… what really matters is PCI Compliance and a profound commitment to keep your customer’s data safe. We are PCI certified and our processes will enable you to extend your payment options securely.

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Accounting and collections

Confie BPO’s accounting and collections solutions help companies achieve significant cost reductions while increasing the successful collection of pending (due) accounts. Our services are aimed to ensure excellent service quality through rigorous quality assurance processes.

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Direct Response Marketing

We’re equipped to handle all your direct response needs from sources such as email marketing, TV, radio, and print media.

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Expand your support operation with bi-cultural & bilingual contact center agents that can ensure First Call Resolution and excellent Customer Experience.

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Back Office Processing

Do you have repetitive, non-core or non-revenue generating activities? We can help you reduce the cost of processing such activities while maximizing the quality of each.

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Claims Services

The expertise of our claims staff is second to none. We have innovated and pioneered FNOL processes in our space to allow our licensed U.S. adjusters to finalize claim investigations more efficiently, reducing the customer cycle time and improving the customer experience.

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